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Image by Hannah Busing


The Clinician Champions Alliance is a robust community of healthcare professionals who are committed to improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of musculoskeletal medicine, with a specific focus on FOP.



By fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge and experiences, we aim to: 

  • Drive the early diagnosis of people who have FOP or any paediatric musculoskeletal condition and get them the care they need

  • Help identify & support the building of networks and centres of care

  • Provide an effective format and platform for educating on FOP & other musculoskeletal conditions

  • Support Alliance members in establishing a unified sharing of information and path for patient identification

  • Add to the Tin Soldiers library of medical educational content for distribution to HCPs globally


Comprises of clinicians, committed to promoting the diagnosis and connecting children with FOP and other musculoskeletal conditions to pathways of care, in diverse territories.


Participating clinicians currently represent the following countries:

  • Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Kenya, Italy, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, Uruguay and US

The expected outcomes of the Tin Soldiers Champion Project initiative include promoting knowledge sharing, enhancing patient care and fostering collaboration and discussion among healthcare professionals on a global scale.

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