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Stories Untold.

Voices Unheard.

Lives Given Voice.

Uncover the strength, resilience and beauty found in voices unveiled.

The Whisper is a rare film about one-in-a-million.

In our ongoing quest to spark meaningful conversations about FOP, we embarked on a collaborative journey with PRAGATI DALVI JAIN, a talented multidisciplinary artist, to illuminate the experiences of those with FOP. Through the lens of a captivating 50-minute documentary titled THE WHISPER audiences are invited to immerse themselves in a world seen through profoundly different eyes.

"The Whisper" is not just a documentary—it's a brave shout, breaking the silence that often shrouds rare diseases. This rare film offers a transformative journey that invites the audience to witness resilience, hope, and the power of human spirit. A journey through which voices, long silent, can to resonate and be heard.

"The Whisper" is an extraordinary documentary that delves into the extraordinary lives of Lakshmi and Riya, two courageous women navigating the challenges of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP), one of the world's most rare and debilitating conditions. 

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