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Tin Soldiers has partnered with Fundacion FOP in Argentina to rollout modules from the Tin Soldiers global CME master series here and in other South American countries.

The Rare Diseases Program of the National Ministry of Health provided the communication platform and invited around 700 health professionals from all over the country to attend.

We continue to work with the local FOP organization in Argentina to explore additional opportunities to educate and inform.




A public service announcement (PSA) was translated and sub-titled for rollout in Brazil. These ads help to create awareness in the market for the Tin Soldiers project and inform people of how to connect to us. This ad reached approximately 8 million homes across South Africa and 7 million taxi commuters


The Center of Rare diseases at Mandic school of medicine and dentistry was inaugurated on November 29, 2021. During the inauguration, more than 50 people heard briefly about FOP from Dr. Delai and the Tin Soldiers team. Since then, together with Dr. Zorzi,


Dr. Delai has presented on FOP to 40 post-graduate students. 

Brazil's First Lady, Michelle Bolsonaro, is one of our Tin Soldiers’ Patrons and is helping us to spread the word at various Rare Diseases Days as well as at an exhibition called “Journey of the Rare’ to celebrate rare people and their talents.


The Minister of Health in Brazil has agreed to implement a “technical measure” requiring doctors to review newborn babies’ toes at birth and highlight any abnormalities. The screening is expected to be added to the delivery room protocol imminently. This will be a world-first and a big win for Tin Soldiers. The Ministry of Health has indicated a desire to include the Tin Soldiers global CME master series in their continued medical education program, so we hope to be training many new healthcare professionals in the future.



Dr Scott, Tin Soldiers’ Medical Director, presented to around 40 paediatricians at the Indian Paediatric Rheumatology national meeting online.


There has already been a lead and a new FOP patient discovered through a local doctor attending this talk.




We have secured a distribution deal for the multi-award winning Tin Soldiers documentary, across parts of Europe and the US in 2022


The team travelled to Vhembe district in Limpopo province, South Africa from 7-10 March 2022, together with Mercy Air and Flying for Life and visited 8 clinics to educate healthcare workers and community leaders on FOP.


Our key objectives were to train and provide paediatric services on the days we visited with the hopes of identifying new FOP patients. In order to ensure sustainability, we left behind printed materials and diagnosis t-shirts to refresh knowledge. We also created whatsapp groups with clinics for easy referral purposes as well as ongoing education. The training covered basics of identifying FOP and JIA as well as the PGALS diagnostic tool for MSK conditions in children. This outreach resulted in 38 professional nurses and 6 home-based healthcare workers being trained.




FOP Sweden promoted their #WalkRunRollforFOP campaign which encouraged people to walk, run or roll for a minimum of 1,6km or 20 minutes to raise awareness for FOP.


They asked people to post on social media and tag to spread the word. It was a super easy and fun mechanic and anyone could join in.


They graciously made us one of their partners, to bring awareness to the Tin Soldiers program.


You can follow them on 



We were invited by Ipsen to participate in the Rare Bone Disease Summit in December 2021.

It was so inspiring and insightful to spend a few days in a virtual room with experts from many different organisations discussing all things rare.

Key topics like overcoming obstacles to diagnosis, optimising care pathways and narrowing the communication gap between patients and healthcare practitioners were workshopped.



We are all about finding people with FOP who are living without a diagnosis and connecting them to care and support. One of the key ways we do this is to educate healthcare professionals. This is exactly why we are at the International Conference on Children's Bone Health (ICCBH). We had a poster on display and did loads of networking and spreading the word on the Tin Soldiers work.

We thoroughly enjoyed connecting with our rare friends at Osteogenesis Imperfecta Federation Europe and meeting lots of new clinicians to share the FOP story with.