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We have secured a distribution deal for the multi-award winning Tin Soldiers documentary, across parts of Europe and the US in 2022


The team travelled to Vhembe district in Limpopo province, South Africa from 7-10 March 2022, together with Mercy Air and Flying for Life and visited 8 clinics to educate healthcare workers and community leaders on FOP.


Our key objectives were to train and provide paediatric services on the days we visited with the hopes of identifying new FOP patients. In order to ensure sustainability, we left behind printed materials and diagnosis t-shirts to refresh knowledge. We also created whatsapp groups with clinics for easy referral purposes as well as ongoing education. The training covered basics of identifying FOP and JIA as well as the PGALS diagnostic tool for MSK conditions in children. This outreach resulted in 38 professional nurses and 6 home-based healthcare workers being trained.


23 South Africa



April we were off to beautiful Mombasa, Kenya where the PAFLAR Africa conference was being held. Their mission is to improve the healthcare of children with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases in Africa, a fitting space for us to share the stage.


We set up a stand with educational materials and spoke to doctors about FOP and finding people who have it. Every conference is another opportunity to spread the word and extend our clinicians’ network. The more educated eyes on the ground the better.


We were proud to share the space with other members of the Rare Bone Disease Alliance (RBDA) too.

23 Kenya


We’ve known about a patient in Morocco for many years now, and he is connected into our FOP community through our WhatsApp group.

However, he feels isolated without any real support or medical network. We decided to change that!


Our Executive Director, Odette, flew to Casablanca to see our first-ever Clinician Champion’s Alliance consult in action.

The Tin Soldiers Clinician Champion’s Alliance is a global team of doctors, who are committed to improving patient outcomes and advancing the field of musculoskeletal medicine with a specific focus one FOP.


Abdelghafour had a multi-disciplinary team consult with Dr Kenza Buoyed, Dr Asmaa Sakhi and Dr Mouna Hamza, on his medical and dental health and the way forward. 


Life-changing indeed!

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