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Our friends at FOP Germany embraced the Tin Soldiers documentary and screened it at a virtual get-together during covid with their community.

20 Germany



In line with our new strategy of taking everything virtual, we decided to use a digital platform to educate healthcare workers and moms. We piloted a project to 70 people, telling them about FOP and the IFOPA registry through animated video storytelling.  The Tin Soldiers Documentary, which is where it all began, continued to gain traction and interest. In line with demand, we secured broadcast distribution deals with:​

  • Discovery’s TLC and Realtime Channels. Territories: Africa; Middle East & Turkey; pan-Europe & Benelux (millions of homes)

  • ENCA (broadcasting into 20 million homes across Africa

  • Screened at 20 Film festivals:  SA, USA, Sweden, Brazil, UK (London), USA (New York, LA and others), Canada; Won 16 Awards

  • ​Translated  into 7 languages  and made available to global FOP communities via the IPC and at the family gathering

  • ​Screened by German FOP Association and Ipsen (to it’s 80 global offices/7000 employees)​

The #MoveforThoseWhoCan’t campaign in partnership with Planet Fitness and Discovery Health was a 1000 people event with 3 FOP families attending. We promoted the patient finding organisation and raised awareness with a young and health-conscious community.


2020 was the Tin Soldiers first official year of operation. We started the year with a robust plan but little did we realise that we would very quickly have to pivot as the global pandemic was about to change our lives forever.

Before the pandemic hit the world, in February 202 we had the privilege of attending the Paediatric Refresher Course in Cape Town, South Africa both as speakers and exhibitors. At this conference Dr Chris Scott presented on FOP and at the exhibition stand we spoke to and gathered the names of doctors who were interested to learn more about our work. Directly through talking to a doctor at this congress a patient was diagnosed in Kenya.

Little did we know that this would be the first and last in person conference we would attend. Once we realized the world was shutting down, we knew that instead of attending in person conferences and congresses, to educate healthcare professionals on FOP we had to find another way.

We decided to develop an online master series that anyone from around the world could access via their computer.  Not only would they experience firsthand some of the world’s leading experts on FOP, but they would also get the opportunity to pose questions and watch the content as a replay after the live event. And so the 8-part Global CME Master Series was born…

20 South Africa
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